Neurofeedback for Clinicians

Neurofeedback training is a fast-growing complementary therapy approach.  Daniel Webster of Neurofeedback London-Brighton provides consultations to clinicians looking to enter the field and those seeking further insights into the most advanced neurofeedback technologies.  

One-on-one or group sessions can be tailored to proficiency and interest specificity, including the following topics: 

 – The Human Brain:  Overview of cortical functions by Brodmann Area and how we can train these

 – Neurofeedback Training Overview – Applications, Process and Case Studies

 – Specific Neurofeedback Training Modalities – 

  + ILF / The Othmer Method

  + qEEG-brain Map based Default  Network Training 

Daniel Webster has trained extensively with Sue and Siegfried Othmer in Los Angeles, and David Kaiser in Monrovia.  He practices neurofeedback training with both ILF and Default Network Training modalities, specialising in autism and schizophrenia, as well as their comorbidities.

Consultations can be scheduled with Daniel – phone +44 (0)7966699430 or email