Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster Portrait Neurofeedback LondonDaniel Webster studied neurofeedback under direct supervision of the Othmers and other founders of the field, in Los Angeles. 

He has practiced neurofeedback for over five years in various locations, including working with trauma patients in South-East Asia, autistic children and adults, schizophrenia, and peak performance clients in London.  

Daniel studied Mathematics at Imperial College, London.  After serving in the army and a career in finance, he worked for various NGOs internationally.  This led him into the mental health sector, where he found neurofeedback to be the most effective and least invasive method achieving the strongest results.  

He practises neurofeedback in London, Brighton and Manchester, applying both Personalised Brain Training and the Othmer Method / ILF.  

Daniel is available on daniel@neurofeedback.io and +44 (0)7966699430 to discuss treatment options.