Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster Portrait Neurofeedback London

Daniel Webster studied neurofeedback under direct supervision of the Othmers and a founder of the field, David Kaiser, in Los Angeles. 

He has practiced neurofeedback for over eight years in various locations, including working with trauma victims, autistic children and adults, schizophrenia, athletes, artists, musicians and menopause.  

Daniel studied Mathematics at Imperial College, London.  After serving in the army and a career in finance, he worked for various NGOs internationally.  His first experiences in mental health therapy were gained while working in outpatient palliative care in Cape Town, South Africa.  There he was involved in the implementation of social work structures and children education programmes in economically deprived townships. 

This led him into the mental health sector, where he found neurofeedback to be the most effective and least invasive method achieving the strongest results.  

Daniel Webster offers the most advanced neurofeedback methods, Othmer / ILF and qEEG-based Default Network Training, for home visits in the UK and internationally.  He accommodates week-long intensives for international clients, in London and abroad.  Daniel actively contributes to the development of new protocols with David Kaiser and the EEG Institute in Los Angeles. 

Daniel also works for the NHS in post-psychosis rehabilitation.  He is a trained Reiki teacher and has combined this with neurofeedback to treat trauma victims, concussion, neurodegenerative conditions and in end-of-life therapy.

Aside from brain research, he enjoys cooking, playing piano, travel and ice hockey.  He also volunteers in a theatre group for low income, ethnically diverse children, helping youth empowerment through self-expression and power of mind. 

Contact on daniel@neurofeedback.io and +44 (0)7966699430 to discuss treatment options.  

Cape Town South Africa Table Mountain and neurofeedback
Cape Town, South Africa

Daniel Webster worked for the Drakenstein Palliative Hospice in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa, and the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa.  While implementing a costing project for outpatient palliative care, his remit widened to include ancillary social projects.  

The Butterfly House community resource centre in the Fairyland township (informal settlement) of Paarl serves to expand the holistic care practices provided by the Drakenstein Palliative Hospice.  Serving disadvantaged communities, he became involved in setting up, funding and implementing schooling and skill development programmes for children and young adults.  

Interfacing closely with community social workers and nurses, he gained valuable experience in rehabilitating trauma victims (children and adults), and HIV/AIDS survivors, as well as working in end-of-life care. 

LaAkea Maui Hawaii and neurofeedback
La'Akea Day Care Center For Autistic Adults, Maui, Hawai'i

In a farming commune-style setting, Daniel worked with autistic children and young adults in Maui, Hawai’i. 

Neurofeedback training proved highly effective for people across the ASD spectrum.  Group activities on the farm as well as running the farm stall provided participants an opportunity to implement the newly learned brain behaviour in a social, sustainable and productive setting inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.  

The integrative approach of neurofeeedback training combined with holistic remedies in a communal setting made this therapy particularly rewarding for participants.

Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Yangon with neurofeedback training
Shwe Dagaon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar/Burma

Daniel has worked with trauma victims in Myanmar, teaching life skills and setting up confidence-building exercises. 

He has also worked in a South London high-support, forensic living scheme.  Residents were deemed to have a range of complex mental health needs (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism), including forensic histories, and requiring 24-hour living support ranging from personal care to independent living skills and rehabilitiation.  


Daniel contributes to the NHS working in a post-psychosis rehabilitation facility aimed at transitioning service users from a post-acute clinical setting to society-based living.  These include mixed adult patients with learning and physical disabilities, sensory impairments, substance misuse problems and severe mental health conditions including schizophrenia, autism, bipolar disorder and psychosis.


Daniel Webster has worked with Grenfell victims and the NHS doing Reiki and neurofeedback training

Daniel Webster graduated from Imperial College, London, with a BSc (ARCS) in Mathematics.  This provided him with a world-class foundation in analysis, logic, scientific method, statistics and coding/programming.  Under direct supervision of the founders of the field of neurofeedback, he studied in Los Angeles with Sue and Dr. Siegfried Othmer of EEGInfo (ILF), and Dr. David Kaiser of the Kaiser Neuromap Institute.  qEEG-brainmap-based analysis lets us understand mental health challenges and psychopathologies in unprecedented granularity.  Unlike the theoretical approach of psychology, this psysiological approach enables us to link behaviour patterns to specific brain areas.  With advanced neurofeedback protocols we can accelerate maturation.

Daniel’s formal qualifications in Understanding Autism, Counselling Skills and Mental Health in the Early Years are augmented by his rich and diverse work experience in the mental health sector, as well as a variety of other industries, including finance/banking, media and politics.  This shapes his holistic approach to mental health and his development of neurofeedback treatment protocols.  

Daniel Webster's qualifications including Imperial College, Kaiser Neuromap Institute, EEG Info with David Kaiser and Sue Othmer

Daniel studied Reiki in Kyoto, Japan, under Tadao Yamaguchi Sensei, learning the original Japanese Jikiden teaching.  He is a qualified Reiki instructor (Shihan Kaku) and has worked with trauma victims of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe in Notting Hill / Ladbroke Grove.  

Jikiden Reiki works well in combination with neurofeedback provided by Daniel Webster in London, see Personalised Brain Training
Kyoto, Japan