Mood and Outlook transformed in Two Months


– Low motivation, self-esteem
– intrusive, self-deprecating thoughts
– negative outlook
– not listening to music
– feeling “hollow”

Twenty Sessions, Two Months


– positive outlook, “clear head”
– healthy, recuperative sleep
– motivated, focussed and productive
– humming tunes again
– “bubbly”, energetic and social self
– brain “reactivated” – alpha peaks forming

Linda's Full Story:

Linda, 49, had been betrayed by her husband.  The realisation set in just as she had completed an intensive three month project at work and was taking some time off to be more with her family.  In addition, her younger daughter started attending a new school and was noticeably, yet hurtfully striving for more independence.

Linda’s depression resurfaced, the usual bubbly self subsiding into a self-conscious, dampened shadow of herself.  Always a social and entertaining person, she had been to rehab a number of times (“it doesn’t work, but I made great friends there”).  She worried about having incurred brain damage as a result of her excesses, and that this was the moment the world was coming down on her. 

She had tried numerous forms of therapy and was taking a low dose of anti-depressants when she decided to try neurofeedback.

Visibly nervous excitement before the first session quickly subsided, to be replaced with a new sense of calm.  Her sleep improved to levels she could not recall having experienced before, within three sessions.

After five sessions she exclaimed, “it’s worth it”. 

Intrusive, self-critical thoughts subsided and her motivation returned along with focus and deliberation.  A former singer in a band, she started humming tunes to herself again, and there was music playing in the house, replacing the solemn silence.

Being on her own was no longer her refuge of choice; instead she rekindled productive relationships, and set aside people and places that were soaking up her energy. 

Linda started to accept her marital situation, redeemed her sense of self-worth, and found a way to make partnership and parenthood work beyond traditional confines. 

Her brain map corroborates the transition:  previously absent alpha peaks emerged visibly, mirroring the cognitive resuscitation she was experiencing.  Linda had feared she had incurred some form of brain damage due to her previous excesses.  Her initial brain map showed a lack of alpha peaks, instead dominated by delta, or lower activity.  

Alpha peaks forming following neurofeedback training implies increased cortication and maturity.