Neurofeedback for Children and Teenagers

Neurofeedback is a safe, effective, non-invasive and medication-free method to improve mature development, focus, motivation and mood self-regulation in children and teenagers.  Training is an enjoyable process – the client watches a movie of choice.  The brain is given feedback through slight changes in volume and picture size, and adjusts its behaviour pre-consciously in response.  An advantage of personalised brain training is that we do not rely on talk therapy or counselling, and the individual learns in a non-authoritarian setting.

By training specific brain areas, we can help the maturation process in many ways:

– emotional self-regulation:  mood swings, depression, hyper-activity, motivation, sense of self

– focus and attention:  distractibility, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, reading difficulties

– mature development:  Default Mode Network connectivity, dominant alpha rhythm, relational thinking (“It’s all about me” vs. “I’m not part of anything”)

– social engagement: understanding intention of others, desire to interact and communicate, approach / avoidance,

– anxiety

– sleep:  ability to fall asleep easily, quality of sleep, enuresis, apnea

– working memory

– language:  comprehension and speech generation, stutter, motivation to communicate, sense of situational appropriateness

– early trauma

– headaches and migraines

– developmental disorders: autism, Williams’ Syndrome, learning disabilities

Daniel Webster has extensive experience working with children, teenagers and adolescents.  He holds an enhanced DBS check.


Consultations can be scheduled with Daniel – phone +44 (0)7966699430 or email